We create
retail marketing of a new generation

Improve the performance of advertising on your e-commerce with our platform. Increase ad efficiency for yourself and your vendors thanks to our unique win-win solution.

Combine unique know-how, data collection, and state-of-the-art technology and you get CRUXO, a reliable accelerator of growth for your business. The solution is designed to help you simplify your retail media management while getting closer than ever before to shoppers and delivering results for vendors.


There is more to retail marketing

Personalized advertising leveraging shopper data is the future of retail marketing in e-commerce - growing profitability for both retailers and vendors while improving the user experience for shoppers.

An environment we know inside out

We combine our many years of experience from traditional retail, e-commerce, AdTech and data analytics. We connect and blend all of these fields into one holistic solution.

Cutting-edge technology

Our technology enables seamless ad management - cutting administration costs while improving efficiency and impact on sales.

First-rate service for both parties

Whether you are a retailer or a vendor, we offer you our full support and tailor-made consultations to allow you to fully leverage the technology and available data, growing sales and profit thanks to innovative advertsiing.

CRUXO benefits 

The solution will help you maximize revenue from advertising and sales thanks to its simplicity, foundation in data, and latest technology. Whether you are a retailer or a vendor using our solution, CRUXO will simplify your path to vendor marketing via digital retail media. We will help you optimize the advertising formats you already use and unlock new options while keeping everything neatly organized in an automated environment that's easy to use and navigate.


Delivering relevant targeted advertising messages to accurately segmented shoppers results in increased interest in the product and subsequent conversion - which in turn positively impacts the willingness of your vendors to invest into ad space on your e-commerce platform.

  • We help you set up advanced yield management.
  • We increase ROI by leveraging efficient advertising formats.
  • We enable you to engage more of your vendors thanks to our effective advertising management platform.


The CRUXO solution simplifies the management of advertising in retail media and remains user-friendly while being highly efficient. We provide a solution where you make the rules about how ads are served on your web, but the implementation and execution happens within a functional ready-to-use environment.

  • We provide a simple self-serve retail media platform.
  • We facilitate personalized precision targeting.
  • We leverage real-time reporting.

Process automatization

Start saving money by saving time. Campaign management doesn't have to be time-consuming - our solution makes is fast, simple and efficient.

Process automatization
  • We streamline your internal processes.
  • We help you reduce costs and time linked to administration and reporting.
  • We maximize the usage of ad space.

Shopper experience

Personalizing served ads leads to increased interest of shoppers in the offered products and improves customer experience. Both have a direct positive impact on campaign conversions and, consequently, on total turnover and growth.

Shopper experience
  • We make marketing content in retail media on e-commerce platforms more attractive.
  • We improve user experience through relevant personalized communication.
  • We increase overall basket size and its value.


We address your everyday business needs. CRUXO is not just an AdTech platform, but a complex solution of holistic services based on our experience and know-how. We offer a comprehensive solution to make the process as user-friendly as possible. We will guide you through technical set-up and implementation, yield management, process changes as well as optimization of your ad spaces and campaigns.




Increase ROI



Increase sales profit
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CRUXO crew

We have been managing businesses in the fields of e-commerce, marketing and technologies for many years. We know how to make retail marketing simpler and more efficient. Combining our collective experience, we established CRUXO - a solution based on the needs of real people in retail business that we know inside out.

Jan Galgonek

Co-Founder, strategic partner

Matěj Novák

Co-Founder, CTO

Michal Trunkát

Co-Founder, CEO

Petr Pavlík

Co-Founder, strategic partner