A transparent advertising solution for your products

We leverage data on shopper behavior in e-retail. This enables us to deliver highly efficient solutions to drive awareness of your products thanks to segmentation that allows us to reach shoppers with the highest propensity for purchase - thus growing your sales and profit.


Effective solution

The technology enables accurately targeted relevant and personalized advertising to ensure shoppers are served ads for products they are truly interested in.

Easy platform administration will enable you to plan long-term or tweak and implement changes to ongoing campaigns instantly.

Transparent real-time analytics allow you to evaluate your campaigns and advertising efficiency on the go.

Efficient management

Simple and time-efficient set-up and management of campaigns.

Comprehensive analytics of not only advertising KPIs, but budgets and financials as well, all in real-time.

Profit growth

We build brand awareness and drive conversions, sales, and profit growth.

We improve ROAS and advertising effectiveness.

Outsource your marketing in digital retail media

We will handle your marketing in digital retail media for you. We will overhaul your campaigns and transfer them to the CRUXO platform. We offer total outsourcing and long-term optimization of your digital trade marketing.

I want CRUXO

Initial workshop

We will introduce you fo the retailer's vendor marketing model, including all offered ad spaces and tools, as well as their specifications and benefits. We will get an understanding of your needs and the business goals of your brands in the area of trade marketing.


We will map out your current trade marketing strategy, its cost structure and usage of advertising tools on the e-shop. We will design a winning solution, tailor-made to the specific e-shop and your needs.

Campaign management

We will provide strategic management and admin services of your trade marketing campaigns in digital retail media within the CRUXO platform. We will establish smooth cooperation to bring you maximum efficiency in the way your ad campaigns are managed to help you save time.

Strategic consulting

We will regularly bring you insights into trends in the field of vendor and digital trade marketing. Together, we will optimize and streamline your ads on the e-commerce sites of your business partners.