A new retail marketing solution for your e-shop

CRUXO is a solution to help you simplify the advertising of your vendors on your e-shop. Through advanced yield management, data collection and the latest technology, we will help you set up automated ad space buying in both traditional, as well as new innovative formats - all within an intuitive platform and with our support every step of the way. The result will be personalized advertising that increases sales and, as a result, turnover as well.


Smart solution

Relevant personalized advertising serving shoppers only ads for products they are truly interested in.

A flexible solution that is independent of business growth and complexity, and is always functional and simple to use.

Real-time reporting of ad performance with data readily available to enable agile decision-making and campaign optimization based on actual results.

Modern technology that works automatically within both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Strategic approach

Our solution does not interfere with the strategy of your company but becomes a part of it, so we focus our know-how on efficiency and customer service.

The platform and its services are based on business data analytics.

We activate yield management to optimize ad revenue to website traffic.

Turnover growth

Personalizing ads on your site through our platform will improve the user experience of your shoppers, and consequently increase the efficiency of your vendors' investments. Thanks to readily available analytics and real-time reporting, the motivation to invest is growing.

Maximizing the utilization of ad space enables us to unlock new sources of revenue for you through retail marketing.

Our transparent approach combined with the unique CRUXO technology will build a solid foundation for your retail marketing to steadily grow.

Simple implementation

Implementing the CRUXO platform into the existing and established system of your e-shop will take no longer than a few weeks. The whole process consists of 4 steps through which we will guide and support you.

I want CRUXO

Initial workshop

We will organize a meeting to walk you through the benefits of the CRUXO solution and to get an understanding of your business, its business principles, and your particular needs.


We will map out the current state of your system, including any possible barriers such as internal processes or technical complexities. We will design a win-win solution tailor-made for your business.


We will work together to set up the ordering and ad-serving technology, clarify processes and train your team to be able to independently manage all incoming vendor requests in no time.


We will launch the platform and stay in touch with you to further optimize, improve and streamline the serving of your vendors' ads.