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A simple data-driven platform for managing thousands of targeted campaigns just in a few clicks.

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What can you achieve with
CRUXO Retail Media Platform?

It is comprehensive

Everything you might need for streamlining your Retail Media operations, packed into one solution that combines data, targeting and native advertising formats. Actually, any advertising format and placement that is included in your vendor marketing offering, including email, TV, audio and video.

You are in charge

Cruxo was developed to serve retailers in achieving their goals. Thus it gives them full control over all settings and principles. Amongst other things, it is you who decides how to utilise your first party data or to what extent can your vendors work in a self-service mode and save time of your teams..

Our know-how is yours

You having the best tool in your hands is where it all starts. But that is not where our involvement ends. We are delighted to share our extensive experience from retail, vendor marketing and online media with you. The same as to empower you with fully dedicated implementation and success managers. Our goal is your success.

It is versatile

Whether you operate in one country or twelve, whatever is the source of your first party data, however you cooperate with your vendors, Cruxo will adjust to accommodate your requirements. It was built atop a globally functional and robust technology which meets the most demanding industry standards.

How It Works?

Custom solution

We will identify and eradicate bottlenecks in your current processes, creating a transformative retail media solution tailored for your business.


We will seamlessly integrate our platform into your existing framework and train your team in how to leverage all retail media opportunities efficiently.

revenue growth

Fueled by precise, data-driven insights, our platform automates your retail media operations to ignite your revenue growth, while we remain engaged to continually optimize its performance.

Cruxo Founders

With a collective 90 years of experience in retail, vendor marketing, and online media, Cruxo’s founders have developed a distinctive platform that empowers retailers to expand their retail media business.

Proven success in multiple segments





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