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A simple data-driven platform for managing thousands of targeted campaigns just in a few clicks.

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What can you achieve with
CRUXO Retail Media Platform?

Boost your retail media earnings

Maximize your revenue from on-site media advertising. Discover and activate new ad formats. Better utilize campaigns and ad formats that perform.

Make your advertising relevant to shopper

Connect with your shoppers. Offer relevant, targeted campaigns. Increase the effectiveness of your advertising and grow your online sales.

Save time with an automated platform

No more calls and Excel sheets. Handle campaigns from setup to web upload with a few clicks. Minimize human mistakes with a fully automated solution.

Turn real-time analytics into increased sales

Get immediate real-time data and hands-on dashboards for your daily work. Use the insights to improve campaign results on the go.

How It Works?

Custom solution

We will identify and eradicate bottlenecks in your current processes, creating a transformative retail media solution tailored for your business.


We will seamlessly integrate our platform into your existing framework and train your team in how to leverage all retail media opportunities efficiently.

revenue growth

Fueled by precise, data-driven insights, our platform automates your retail media operations to ignite your revenue growth, while we remain engaged to continually optimize its performance.

Cruxo Founders

With a collective 90 years of experience in retail, vendor marketing, and online media, Cruxo’s founders have developed a distinctive platform that empowers retailers to expand their retail media business.

Proven success in multiple segments





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